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Thinking of purchasing a franchise? 

You’re In The Right Place!

I’m a Franchise Consultant. And, I’m delighted to share my experience and knowledge as a franchise owner and business coach to help you explore the ins and outs of Franchise Ownership.

My Mission Is To Help You Find REAL Freedom

and live your absolute best life while making an impact in the world through franchise ownership.

The BIG Problem

Most people I work with don’t know where to start or they want to know about the hottest franchise opportunity in their area before it’s sold out.

The Solution

Our step-by-step process takes people from the initial thought of owning a franchise to discovering if franchising is the right option for them.

The Result

You get exceptional value, you are well-informed about franchising, and are able to make the best decision for you and your goals with confidence!

I will help you shortcut your learning process and save you a massive amount of research time by narrowing down the thousands of franchise choices out there to the one that fits you and your goals best.

By asking the right questions and listening to what’s most important to you, I am able to pull out the characteristics you want in a business and match you with the franchise that best suits you and corresponds with your goals.

What Todd’s Clients Are Saying

“Once I got introduced the model, I relied on Todd to guide the process. He advised what would and would not be worth my time, money and effort. He talked me out of things I should have been talked out of and he showed me solid businesses that had easy sales processes and systems. I know we’ve found the best business for me and my family.”

–Eric B.

“He has the highest standards. He’s so patient working through the process with you. Highly recommended!”

–Simon T.

Meet Todd Weiss, CFA

Franchise Expert & Consultant

Todd Weiss, CFA is recognized as a top industry leader in both the franchise and coaching industries. He possesses a special passion for helping people become their absolute best with the gifts they’ve been given.

Todd brings 10+ years of extensive experience and understanding to the complex franchising issues faced by both the franchisor and franchisee. He owned two highly successful fitness centers for 5 years and is delighted to share his hard-earned expertise and insider knowledge with those who are seriously considering purchasing a franchise. 

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