Franchise Ownership vs Franchise Leadership


I used to work in an office where the owner would arrive at 7:55 am on the dot every single morning.

He would walk past everyone without saying a single word and disappear into his private “boss cave” not be seen or heard from until he needed something from you.

Drove me (and everyone else) nuts.

Not saying good morning might sound like a pretty insignificant thing to some. However, it told everything I needed to know about this guy – he might be the owner of the company but he was not the leader he needed to be.

It was a lesson I took to heart when I bought my first franchise. I always made it a point, no matter what was going on with me personally, to say “Good Morning” to EVERYONE.

I believe that a true leader sets the tone for the entire business. A leader acknowledges their team. And, above all, a leader acts like a grown-up, regardless of how caffeine or sleep deprived they might be.

I know a lot of people who own franchises. I don’t know as many who are leaders in their franchise.

Knowing the difference between franchise leadership and ownership can help you motivate your employees, win the respect of your clients, and ultimately grow your business and profitability.


Owning your franchise business vs leading your franchise business


A franchise owner is just that: the person who owns the franchise.

They bought the franchise, they finance it, they hire people, they pay the bills, and they may bring in the customers and clients or do other work that directly contributes to the franchise’s bottom line.

But just taking care of the day-to-day business doesn’t make someone a leader. If you really want to make an impact on your community, on your bottom line, and with your clients, you need to lead your franchise for it to become better.

Here are some characteristics that transform franchise owners into franchise leaders:



You need to have a clear vision for your franchise that you can easily articulate to your team members so that they, in turn, can understand their role in helping to achieve that vision.

Everyone needs to be reading the same book, and the leader needs to pick the page.



Leaders don’t tell people what to do; they motivate them to want to do it.

Your employees need more than a to-do list; they need to be inspired and empowered to think independently and creatively about how they do their work.

It’s the leader’s job to make sure they understand what is expected of them and what they can expect in return.

The leader makes sure everyone stays engaged with the vision.



The leader needs to be the most passionate of brand ambassadors — what your franchise does, who you do it for, and how you’re doing it.

The leader needs to demonstrate to their team, their clients, and their community that they believe in the vision and the people it serves.  

Mediocrity just doesn’t exist in a leader’s world.


Connect With Your Team

A leader needs to understand their team as well as they understand the people they serve.

Take the time to get to know everyone, ask your people about their lives, share information about yourself. Do whatever needs to be done to foster a close, we’re-in-this-together kind of environment.

When people know you value them, the results are impressive — intense loyalty, true camaraderie, a commitment to excellent work, and more satisfaction and happiness.


Invite Input

Leaders welcome input, embrace change, and are open to new ideas. Leading is about moving forward, and you can’t move forward if you’re stuck in a rut.

Invite innovative solutions and input to help problem solve.

Involving your team to collaborate with you develops their potential, expresses your confidence in their abilities, and sets an expectation for even better work.

The result is a win for your team, your clients, and most importantly, your franchise.


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